Software for high complex building projects and Asset-Management

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setcons is a SaaS software for the building industry. Intelligent sensors track the status of your equity in real time.

setcons allow its users to connect real world objects with their counter objects in the digital cloud.


Made by Professionals. Made for Professionals.

Modern projects come with a high complexity.

setcons provides its users a centralized information management and adds intelligent data tracking. Our product's primary goal is avoiding risks and cutting costs. Being a browser-based app, setcons won't break your existing IT infrastructure.

Building Information Management

Intelligent Buildings

Sensors display the status of your units and your building on interactive plans, providing you with real time data for easier decision making.

Intelligent Projects

An intelligent project analysis helps actively avoiding risks and making mistakes that come with a high complex project.

setcons functionality is 100 % tailored on building projects:

  • Document Management
  • Area Management
  • Sensors
  • Interactive Plans
  • Room and Asset Booking
  • Move Management
  • Data Hub
  • Asset Management
  • Cleaning Management
  • Locking Systems
  • Minutes of Meetings
  • Track Costs
  • Inventory Management

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